1 Million Robotaxis, Oracles, Behavioural Advantages, Recessions and Bear Markets

Last year I had a weekly roundup of the best articles that I’ve found on websites and blogs. But it was very demanding and difficult to maintain. Therefore I want to re-make that initial idea and turn into a monthly top articles curated just for you.

This post is called “About Last Month“, and it will have the most interesting material that I’ve read. This month you’ll have +15 top quality articles. Enjoy! And share it if you like!

TOP FIRE and Investing

  • How One Small Pension Fund Added $1 Billion in Value (Institutional Investors) “Arun Muraldihar, (…) explained the asset allocation problem by comparing it to a drunk driver swerving down the street with only the guard rails on either side of the road to keep them on course.”
  • Seth Klarman, The Oracle of Boston (Humble Dollar)
  • Ten Behavioural Advantages Amateur Investors Have Over Professionals (Behavioural Investment) “You don’t need to worry about what other people are doing
  • What the most important sectors and asset classes are telling us (Pension Partners) “Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.” – Napoleon Hill
  • Recessions and Bear Markets. Another perspective. (A Wealth of Common Sense) “From 1926-1980, the U.S. experienced a recession every 5 years or so. Since 1980, the average length between recessions is almost 8 years.”
  • The FIRE movement and the possibility of Early Retirement (Inc) The FIRE methods that can help you achieve a (faster) early retirement.

Posts Worth Reading

  • Emotions and Difficult Conversations (HBR) “(…) the problem is that our bodies and minds aren’t particularly good at discerning between the threats presented by not getting your way on the project plan and, say, being chased down by a bear.”
  • Tesla’s 2020 self-driving car promise – 1 million completely self-driving “robotaxis” – may be overly optimistic (ReCode). “Musk says the prospect could be a lucrative one. He predicted robotaxis could earn owners $30,000 a year, even after Tesla takes 25 percent to 35 percent of each rider’s fee.”
  • How technology, can allow hackers to enter your home (The Washington Post) “Hackers essentially look for email addresses and passwords that have been dumped online after being stolen from one website or service and then check to see whether the same credentials work on another site.”
  • The one thing employees really want (QZ)
  • Theranos and the Myth of the Glamorous Entrepreneur (Entrepreneur) “According to a study from Career Explorer, the average U.S. entrepreneur earns roughly $5 an hour while they’re starting out. Established entrepreneurs earn $62 per hour.”
  • Is Real Estate a way to make millions without paying taxes? This divorce may give some answers (Bloomberg) “Real estate is a cyclical business. Markets crash. Deals sour. But hard landings are rare for a savvy property mogul, thanks to the U.S. tax code.”
  • Heavier alcohol consumption may be linked to faking positive emotions (QZ)
  • How to Conquer Imposter Syndrome by Dr. Tara Swart (Inc)
  • “The city in Colombia’s northern desert has seen an almost 30 percent increase in population as Venezuelans flee their country at the rate of 200 every hour.” (Bloomberg)

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