2018 Update

Blog Report: 2018 Update (15798 Visitors and 36278 Page Views)

I can’t believe 2018 is already over. It was a great year, and with so many things happening in my life, unfortunately the blog had to be paused for almost 6 months.

It’s sad for me but at the same time, when important things arise, we have to make choices. That’s life.

Anyway the blog isn’t dead. And one of my 2019 goals is to keep it alive, and find a schedule to write that I can keep throughout the year.

Best Blog Posts Ever

Here are the top blog posts ever.

  1. Passive Investment and Exchange Traded Funds (+19000 Views)
  2. 12 Best FIRE and Finance Blogs to Follow (+15000 Views)
  3. How to Make Extra Money (+5000 Views)
  4. Dollar Cost Averaging vs Lump Sum Investing (+3500 Views)

One of the key lessons is that you can have posts that are basically a compilation of information: look at the second and third posts. These are basically things that I found interesting. And apparently, visitors also liked.
On the other hand, I still had totally original posts (like the first and the fourth post) that had thousands of views.

Social Networks

A blogger with a lot of followers on multiple social networks is a blogger with the possibility of free advertising. Free leverage.
Frugality also means we have to be efficient with the allocation of our resources.
The bad news is that Google+ is going to close. A warning for all the social strategies: don’t ever focus on only one social network.

Social Media Tools

Finally, if you want to keep it up with all the updates from the blog, please follow one or more social links. It’s free and easy.

If you have a blog or a website, you really should consider having social profiles/pages linked to your website. It expands your online presence, making it easier to bring more traffic.

Additionally don’t forget to include social sharing buttons, to make it easy for others to share your work. You can try Social Warfare. This is a WordPress plugin that adds beautifullightning-fast social share buttons to your website or blog.

Newsletter subscribers

I will continue to work on my newsletter, and hopefully launch in the first trimester of this year. The objective for now is to increase the number of subscribers, and then to share the best content that I have with them. Also, there are some things – private – that will only be shared through the newsletter.

Total Subscribers – 70 (2018)

Goals For the Near Future

Write all year in a schedule that I can keep up with my work, family matters, book reading and ‘learning-new-things’ objective. Wish me luck!

  • Continue to write content that can help my visitors and followers;
  • Grow my audience to 2000 Visitors per month;
  • Grow my friends and followers on my social profiles/pages to 5000;
  • Grow my newsletter subscribers to 500.

Reading now:

  • Warren Buffett: “Really Successful People Say No To Almost Everything” (Medium)
There are no secrets to success. All it takes is hard work, perseverance, learning, sacrifice, and love for what you're doing. - Click To Tweet
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Quote to think about:
“We do not, and cannot, know if the soundest investment advice that the next generation can ever receive is what I would instruct my younger self: Buy stocks early, and buy them often.” (John Rekenthaler)

Blog Report: 2018 Update (15798 Visitors and 36278 Page Views) -

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