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Weekend Reads: The Powerful Signal of Recessions, How Women and Men Approach Money and The Secret to a Meaningful Life Weekend Reads

Here are the best collection of articles and news just for you.

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  • What’s the Yield Curve? ‘A Powerful Signal of Recessions’ Has Wall Street’s Attention (NY Times)
    “Economists and investors are watching the shrinking gap between interest rates on 2-year and 10-year U.S. government bonds — known in the bond market as a flattening yield curve. “
  • Do Active Bond ETF Managers Add Value? (ETF)
  • GE Narrows Focus to Power, Aviation in Latest Revamp (WSJ)
    Conglomerate to shed health-care, Baker Hughes businesses as part of a push to reverse its painful slump
  • How women and men approach money differently: risk, investment, and return (Big Think)
  • Ten Lessons from Michael Batnick’s Book ‘Big Mistakes’ (Ivanhoff)

World News

  • How Venezuela became the most dangerous country to live in the world (Quartz)
  • Two Years After the Brexit Vote, No Regrets (Business Week)
    Britain’s most depressed regions don’t want Europe’s help.


  • I talked to Google’s Duplex voice assistant. It felt like the beginning of something big. (Recode)
    But it’s not even close to ready for everyday use.

Personal Growth

  • The secret to a meaningful life is simpler than you think (Quartz)
  • How Are You Protecting Your High Performers from Burnout? (HBR)


  • The Bullshit-Job Boom (New Yorker)
    For more and more people, work appears to serve no purpose. Is there any good left in the grind?

Here are the best collection of #articles and #news - Weekend Reads

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