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Weekend Reads: Mid-Cap ETFs Are Huge Performers, and Exxon Doubles Down on Oil. Also, Why Eight Hours of Sleep per Night isn’t Enough. Weekend Reads

Here are the best collection of articles and news just for you.

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  • Trade Wars Don’t Matter, Unless You Think $2 Trillion Matters (Bloomberg)
    Hey, maybe this stuff is bad for business after all.
  • Chinese media have mocked US President Donald Trump over plans to impose 25% tariffs on $50bn worth of Chinese goods, saying “wise men build bridges but fools build walls”. (BBC)
  • Chinese Tariffs Are Already Hitting Trump Voters (NY Times)
  • McDonald’s Discovers Employees Get in the Way of Profits (The Motley Fool)
    CEO Steve Easterbrook is shedding employees, breaking the third leg of Ray Kroc’s famous stool in the process. Wall Street loves it for now, but can it continue?


  • Mid-Cap ETFs Are Huge Performers, But Nobody’s Buying (Bloomberg)
    Will an ESG twist entice investors?
  • Exxon Doubles Down on Oil (Bloomberg)
    As rivals embrace renewables, the energy giant is betting on continued crude demand.
  • Top Tech ETFs Of The Year (ETF)
    The stock market is on the rise and a familiar group is leading the way. Technology is the top-performing sector this year, just as it was in 2017.

Personal Growth

  • Why eight hours a night isn’t enough, according to a leading sleep scientist (Quartz)
  • When You Start a New Job, Pay Attention to These 5 Aspects of Company Culture (HBR)
  • To increase your emotional intelligence, develop these 10 qualities (Quartz)


  • Harvard Rated Asian-American Applicants Lower on Personality Traits, Suit Says (NY Times)
  • The most depressing energy chart of the year (Vox)
    Coal has got to go.

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