Blog Report May 2018 #blogging

Blog Report: May 2018 Update (1558 Visitors and 3664 Page Views)

Blog traffic Report and Social Media Numbers

Welcome to the May blog report update!

This month I wrote 15 posts. I continue to struggle with finding the best balance between work, blog and other stuff I’m planning. It’s really hard to keep up with a calendar, but I’m trying my best to maintain the Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

I would say that if you have little time, 2 posts per week is the bare minimum. But I believe that the optimal posting schedule is 3 posts per week. Otherwise, it may feel unnatural to write just to keep the schedule and not for pleasure.

Gradually the point is to write posts full of useful information that can add real value or start discussions and debate on others point of views that readers have.

There is nothing permanent except change. – Heraclitus

Top Posts May

  1. Weekend Reads: The Relation About Smart and Rich. Where to Find a Higher Median Salary. How to Raise a Family with $57k in Houston, Texas.  (+600 Views)
  2. A Beginners Guide to Lazy Portfolios (+500 Views)
  3. The Power of Compound Interest (+500 Views)

Best Blog Posts Ever

The podium has changed. Again. The post about Passive Investment and Exchange Traded Funds has jumped to first place. I’m trying to understand how.

  1. Passive Investment and Exchange Traded Funds (+5000 Views)
  2. 12 Best FIRE and Finance Blogs to Follow (+3500 Views)
  3. 7 Things Successful People Do Everyday (+2000 Views)
  4. Personal Finance and FIRE Podcasts That Are Worth Checking Out (+1500 Views)

This Month Numbers

Numbers directly from Google Analytics. Last month blog report.

Blog Report May 2018 #blogging

This month I had:

  • 1558 Visitors (decrease from last month: 1755)
  • 3664 Page Views (decrease from last month: 5180)
  • Bounce Rate decreased to 80.60% which is positive.  (Last month: 79,11%)
  • 2211 Sessions is a good number but still very far from the minimum of 25,000 sessions to start monetizing the blog with some ads. (Last month: 2503)
  • Alexa Global Rank: 2,844,550 
  • SimilarWeb Global Rank: 10,987,446
  • Country Rank (United States): 5,795,824

Bad news:

  • Traffic is still decreasing.
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Audience Acquisition

Visitors by country (TOP 7):

1. United States 782
2. India 122
3. Canada 79
4. The United Kingdom 63
5. Peru 51
6. Australia 35
7. Philippines 33

Visitors by Source:

One of the key advantages of having all those social networks is that you can leverage your position (if you’re new) and try to reach more people using your own profiles and social pages. This month users coming from all social networks is 30.36% of all traffic. (Last month 45.64%).

There was a huge collapse due to the end of StumbleUpon. I left this discovery channel and that reflected really bad on the numbers. Therefore reinforcing my conclusion of never rely on a single source of traffic. The good news is that organic search is booming with 708 users (45.15%).

Pinterest made a huge contribution this month, with 182 Visitors (From 169 visitors last month). Balance your numbers people. Don’t make mistakes here.

Social Networks

As I said it more than once: A blogger with a lot of followers on multiple social networks is a blogger with the possibility of free advertising. Free leverage.

Blog Report May 2018 #blogging

Facebook: New strategies have to be implemented, to bring more followers to blog. Still no advance.

Twitter: “Your Tweets earned 26K impressions over this 30 day period” which is pretty good for someone just getting started!

Pinterest: With 37k monthly viewers, and +550 followers this is the social network where is improving the better.

Bloglovin: Improving a lot from the first months. Still a small contribution to the overall follower base and audience acquisition.

Mix: From the same founders of StumbleUpon, is proving to be a great website.

Google+: Keeps adding value to my overall strategy. My community “Bloggers on Google Plus” is rising every day, with +100 members.

Linkedin: Very small in terms of readers acquisition. Still, a long way to improve.

Social Media Tools

Finally, if you want to keep it up with all the updates from the blog, please follow one or more social links. It’s free and easy.

If you have a blog or a website, you really should consider having social profiles/pages linked to your website. It expands your online presence, making it easier to bring more traffic.

Additionally don’t forget to include social sharing buttons, to make it easy for others to share your work. You can try Social Warfare. This is a WordPress plugin that adds beautifullightning-fast social share buttons to your website or blog.

Newsletter subscribers

One thing that I’ve been working lately is to make it really easy for people to subscribe to my newsletter. The objective is to increase the number of subscribers, and then to share the best content that I have with them. Also, there are some things – private – that will only be shared through the newsletter.

But for now, the newsletter is still under construction.

Total Subscribers – 28 (Last month: 24)

Goals For the Near Future

Last month I only achieve the followers base goal. Next month I’ll continue to work on other strategies to help me get to those numbers. Wish me luck!

  • Continue to write content that can help my visitors and followers;
  • Try new secret strategies;
  • Grow my audience to 2000 Visitors;
  • Grow my friends and followers on my social profiles/pages to 2500;
  • Grow my newsletter subscribers to 35;
  • Basically, survive.
There are no secrets to success. All it takes is hard work, perseverance, learning, sacrifice, and love for what you're doing. - Click To Tweet
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Blog Report May 2018 #blogging

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