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Weekend Reads: The Relation About Smart and Rich. Where to Find a Higher Median Salary. How to Raise a Family with $57k in Houston, Texas. Weekend Reads

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Personal Finance

  • What It’s Like to Raise a Family on $57,000 in Houston, Texas (Fatherly)
  • 3 Reasons It’s Dumb to Take Social Security Benefits at 62 (The Motley Fool)
  • How to Pay Zero Taxes Legally in Retirement (Entrepreneur)


  • How Puerto Rico’s Debt Created A Perfect Storm Before The Storm (NPR)
  • Inflation divergence drives German/U.S. yield gap near 3-decade high (Reuters)

World News

  • Detroit Was Crumbling. Here’s How It’s Reviving. (NY Times)
    Last week, we visited the city to find further signs of recovery as Detroit moves out from under budgetary oversight.
  • David Goodall: 104-year-old scientist to end own life in Switzerland (The Guardian) – Goodall’s decision is reigniting a debate about euthanasia in Australia where assisted suicide is illegal.
  • A black man was forced to pay upfront at a Chinese restaurant. He got his meal — and $10,000. (The Washington Post)


  • White Male VCs Tend to Fund White Male Entrepreneurs. Could Robots Do Better? (Bloomberg BusinessWeek)
  • Anonymous Owner, L.L.C.: Why It Has Become So Easy to Hide in the Housing Market (NY Times)
    A way to protect property owners from personal liability has also turned out to be handy for enabling problematic behavior, like laundering money or being a bad landlord.
  • Germany’s export-oriented economic model is caught in a US-Chinese squeeze (Bruegel)
  • Tesla Doesn’t Burn Fuel, It Burns Cash – A complete guide to how Elon Musk has raised, and then spent, billions of dollars. (Bloomberg)
  • Facebook, Google, and Netflix pay a higher median salary than Exxon, Goldman Sachs or Verizon (Recode)
  • Taxi Cab Owners and Regulators Created Uber (Bloomberg)

Personal Growth

  • If You’re So Smart, Why Aren’t You Rich? (Bloomberg) – New research suggests personality has a larger effect on success than IQ.
  • Seven thought experiments that will make you question everything (Big Think)
  • Even a Little Exercise Might Make Us Happier (NY Times)

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