Best FIRE and Finance Blog Posts From Last Month

May 2018 Best Finance and FIRE Blog Posts

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  • Cost of living: Why you should choose a cheap place to live (Get Rich Slowly)
  • “My dividend growth stock portfolio is essentially worth $10,000 for every year I’ve been alive. ” (Mr. Free at 33)
  • The Downside of Financial Independence (Retire by 40)
  • With all we know about debt, why are so many people still in debt? (Think Save Retire)


Personal Growth

  • Letting Go (The Simple Dollar)
  • “The Battle of Stalingrad was the largest battle in history. With it came equally superlative stories of how people dealt with risk.” (Collaborative Fund)
  • Marla Taner – Striving for Happiness After Early Retirement (Mad Fientist) [PODCAST]

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