How to Increase Traffic - Learn with the Best! #blogging

April 2018 Update: Blog Traffic Report Roundup

How to Increase Your Traffic – Learn from other Bloggers

When we start a blog, one of the key objectives is to have an audience that actually read what you write. As I’ve written before here:

There are right now over 1 billion websites in the world. In terms of blog posts, there are over 2 million published on the internet every day. Today more than ever, it’s easy to build a website from scratch. On the other hand is really hard to cut through the clutter and read only the best content. There is too much information just floating around.

Therefore it’s vital that you write good content (and constantly work to improve it), but also to learn ways to grow your traffic. Today I’ll show some examples of bloggers and writers that increased their traffic. The objective is to show strategies that could be used by anyone.

“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.” – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Strategies – Case Studies

  • 7 Things I did to Double My Blog Traffic and Hit 100k Monthly Pageviews (xosarah)
  • How to Grow Your Blog Traffic by 20,000 Visitors a Month (Quicksprout)
  • How to grow your blog to 260k+ visitors a month (OptimizeSmart)
  • How to Grow Your Blog Traffic to 10K+ Monthly Visitors (4 Case Studies) (persuasion-nation)

More Examples

  • The Best Advice On How To Grow Your Blog Traffic By 1,044% In 1 Year (CoSchedule)
  • 25 Proven Strategies to Increase Your Blog’s Traffic by 1064% (OptinMonster)

Social Media

  • 25,000 Pageviews from Facebook in 30 Days. (Spirit Blogging)
  • How to Get Traffic to Your Blog with Pinterest – 300k+ Views (Create and go)
  • How to get to 400,000 Pageviews/month… the easiest way. (Busy Budgeter)

The Best Strategies – An Overview

In this section of the blog post, I’ll make an overview of the best strategies that bloggers reveal in their traffic reports. Therefore and hopefully helping you to achieve your goals.

1) Collect Emails From Your Readers

One golden rule that many experienced bloggers reveal is that “the money is in the (email) list“. GrowtoRetire has many ways you can subscribe to the email list: sidebar, below every post, in the comment section and even a “pop-up” window when you’re leaving the blog. It’s important to make it really easy for any reader to leave his email.

Another strategy often mentioned is to offer something in return for your email: An eBook, tutorial, check-list, and so on. Anything that helps your reader in return for his email.

2) Write Consistently

Bloggers often agree that the sweet point is writing 3 posts per week. Personally here in, I’m trying my best to keep up with that calendar. The truth is that offering consistent and valuable content isn’t easy. What I can tell you is that it gets better with time, you start writing more fluently and naturally.

Bear in mind that there are also a lot of bloggers that write far less while maintaining a huge audience. Mr. Money Mustache in the last 4 months wrote 5 posts. The last post has +230 comments. Find the optimal posting schedule and be consistent is the best advice I can give you.

In terms of post length, there’s no consensus. Obviously, a post that offers valuable insight in a topic would have a lot of words. I would say that the best posts out there have at least 1000-1500 words. Others like Neil Patel refer that the best posts have between 4000-8000 words. That’s a lot of value!

Eventually, you will want to have a productive relation between valuable posts and a consistent posting schedule.

3) Use Your Social Media

All the best bloggers use (a lot) social media to leverage their exposure. It’s a free tool, although you can pay for ads if you have that possibility. I would say that the two favorite social networks for bloggers are

  • Pinterest: Very Visual, and keeps bringing traffic sometimes years after the blog post was published. Images should be vertical. My images usually are 735 x 1500;
  • Facebook: Everyone is there. Make use of the hundreds of groups. If you need to pay, Facebook ads enable you to target a (very) specific group.

How to Increase Your Traffic - Lessons from the BEST Bloggers #blogging

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