How Bloggers are Making Over $1 Million Every Month #BloggingTips #Roundup #Bloggers

April 2018 Update: How Bloggers are Making Over $1 Million Every Month

April 2018 Update

People start a blog for a number of reasons: they love to write about something that they feel passionate, to help others, to make some money or to create a new brand. For some is for all the previous reasons.

One thing that we all love is to read about other bloggers income report. When you read this reports, you will notice that these bloggers make different amounts of money from different sources of income. With this post, I hope to inspire others to start building their own sources of income. Therefore accelerating their path to financial freedom, and hopefully to early retirement.

Post from last month you can read it here.

How Bloggers are Making Over $1 Million Every Month #BloggingTips

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Champions League: Bloggers making over $100k per month!

National League: Bloggers making between $10k and $100k

Regional League: Bloggers making between $1k and $10k

StartUp League: Bloggers making below $1k

Ways to Make Money


One of the most common ways bloggers make money online is by driving readers to products and services that they recommend (or even use for themselves). For example, the company where I host this website is SiteGround. I’m a happy customer, therefore I can definitely recommend to all type of bloggers as an excellent option to take into consideration.


From the moment you create a website, you have a platform where you can show your content, but also, where you can monetize “free” space and show some Ads. Thus making some money if people buy through your blog. One of the most used company is Google AdSense.

If you already have thousands of sessions per month, another possibility is to try companies specialized in ads such as Mediavine. Mediavine requires at least 25k sessions/month to get you approved with all ad partners.

Another possibility to explore is AdThrive. Here the requirements are a little more demanding: Minimum of 100,000 monthly page views; Majority of traffic from the U.S.; No previous advertising infringements; not blacklisted with Google or other major providers; and Content that is unique and original.

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GTRetire is the founder of GrowtoRetire, a blog about financial independence and early retirement. Click here to learn more about starting a blog! Also, this post may contain affiliate links, please read the disclaimer for more info.

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