5 Reasons to Start Coding Right Now #Code #Learn

5 Reasons Why Coding is a Skill You Should Learn in 2018 (Plus 6 Websites to Start NOW)

Why is Coding Important? 5 Reasons.

Technology is everywhere in today’s society. We’re constantly reminded that there is an app or a software program for whatever needs we may have. Therefore I believe that learning how to code, is a must for present and future workers all over the world.

  1. Average Base Pay in the US. According to Glassdoor, the average base pay for a Software Engineer is $104,463/year. Salary estimates are based on 264,186 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by Software Engineer employees. Also, there is an additional cash compensation (Bonus, commissions, and so on) that is worth an average of $8,542.
  2. A skill that will always be relevant. It is likely that we will always have a need for developers because our need for apps and software is steadily growing. For example, nowadays interacting with your bank can be done almost 100% of the time with a simple app. And this is a reality not only in the US but in every developed country in the world.
  3. Work Remotely. When you work with technology, there are more opportunities to work online, or remotely. Generally speaking, you only need a computer and you are good to go. You can work while you travel the world for example.
  4. Increase Economic Productivity. You can build your own tools. Automate tasks such as data analysis, decision making and so on. Do more with less.
  5. Learning to program teaches you persistence. Programmers have to think logically about a problem. Have to test different solutions until they can overcome the obstacle. With time, every programmer becomes a more persistent and determined individual.

5 Reasons to Start Coding Right Now #Code #Learn

I’m convinced. Where can I learn how to code?

In many many places. I’ll give you some options.

  • FreeCodeCamp. A place where you can learn how to code for free. A great option for beginners because you can get experience by coding for nonprofits.
  • The Odin Project. The full stack curriculum is free and supported by an open source community.
  • Code School. With this option, you have a free account that gives you access to 15 introductory courses, whereas a paid subscription gives you unlimited access to all of our courses and screencasts.
  • HackerRank. The idea is simple “Practice coding. Compete. Find jobs.” Join the largest learning and competition community for programmers.
  • Codecademy. A community with 45 million learners from around the globe. Impressive.
  • Udacity. Udacity has free and paid options. You have a lot of free online courses to get started. If you feel you have what it takes, go for a Nanodegree.

Here you have some options to start right now. Learn how to code, and build a new source of income.

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