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10,000 Flights, Boosting Returns and Easy Pickings. Happy Easter 2018!

The Saturday Best is a collection of articles I’ve curated for your reading pleasure.

These articles will be organized and classified according to categories relevant to this blog. The key objective is to have the very best that I’ve found recently only in one place. So you can read throughout your weekend.


  • Boosting Returns With Rebalancing (ETF) “The key purpose of rebalancing is to maintain the appropriate level of risk, but it is also likely to increase overall returns.”
  • The S&P 500 fell 5.9% over the past five days, its worst week since January 2016. (The Irrelevant Investor)
  • The easy pickings (The Irrelevant Investor) <- Great read!
  • Warren Buffett Recommends Investing in Index Funds — But Many of His Employees Don’t Have That Option (ProPublica)


  • Higher Minimum Wages Will Give High Tech a Boost (Bloomberg) – When labor is pricey, businesses invest more in machines that free up people to do more valuable work.
  • How much you really need to earn to take home $100,000 (CNBC)

News / Useful

  • ‘Free’quent flier has wings clipped after American Airlines takes away his unlimited pass (NY Post)
  • This $690k house is designed to improve your health (CNN)
  • Guys, We Have A Problem: How American Masculinity Creates Lonely Men (NPR)
  • How to Make a Great Last Impression (artofmanliness)
  • The person who’s best at lying to you is you (Quartz)
  • Apple is going to war with Google for dominance in US classrooms (Quartz)

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