How to Increase Your Traffic - March Roundup #Blog #Tips #Traffic

Blog Traffic Report Roundup

How to Increase Your Audience

When we start a blog, one of the key objectives is to have an audience that actually read what you write. As I’ve written before here:

There are right now over 1 billion websites in the world. In terms of blog posts, there are over 2 million published on the internet every day. Today more than ever, it’s easy to build a website from scratch. On the other hand is really hard to cut through the clutter and read only the best content. There is too much information just floating around.

Therefore it’s vital that you write good content (and constantly work to improve it), but also to learn ways to grow your traffic. Today I’ll show some examples of bloggers and writers that increased their traffic. The objective is to show strategies that could be used by anyone.

How to Increase Your Traffic - March Roundup #Blog #Tips #Traffic

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“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.” – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Strategies to Bring Thousands of Visitors

  • How to Grow Your Blog Traffic by 20,000 Visitors a Month (Quicksprout)
  • How to grow your blog to 260k+ visitors a month (OptimizeSmart)
  • How to Grow Your Blog Traffic to 10K+ Monthly Visitors (4 Case Studies) (persuasion-nation)

Examples of Massive Increase in Traffic (%)

  • The Best Advice On How To Grow Your Blog Traffic By 1,044% In 1 Year (CoSchedule)
  • 25 Proven Strategies to Increase Your Blog’s Traffic by 1064% (OptinMonster)


  • How to Get Traffic to Your Blog with Pinterest – 300k+ Views (Create and go)


As you probably already know, I write a post (the last of the week, Friday), that will be a roundup of the best blog posts out there in 4 areas:

  1. Recipes: Easy and low-cost recipes so everyone can be inspired by good ideas and save money at the same time; [First week of the month]
  2. FIRE and Finance Blog Posts: The best of the best in the last month; [Second week of the month]
  3. Blog Income Reports: A compilation of all the blog income reports that I can find, so you can find out ways to monetize your website or blog; [Third week of the month]
  4. Blog Traffic Reports: Another compilation of all blog traffic reports and case studies so other bloggers and websites owners can learn strategies to increase blog traffic. [Fourth week of the month]

Two main goals:

  • Drive more traffic to the owners/producers/authors of the content;
  • Bring top quality blog posts and articles to a broader audience.

If you want to contribute to any roundup, write me an email to:

roundup @

Include in the subject the type of the roundup. If it is a recipe, blog post, income report or traffic report/case study. Also in the case of a recipe if you wish and if you give permission to include one photo (with a link to your blog post).

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