How Bloggers are Making Over $1 Million Every Month #BloggingTips #Roundup #Bloggers

How Bloggers are Making Over $1 Million Every Month

March 2018 Blog Income Roundup

People start a blog for a number of reasons: they love to write about something that they feel passionate, to help others, to make some money or to create a new brand. For some is for all the previous reasons.

One thing that we all love is to read about other bloggers income report. When you read this reports, you will notice that every blogger does not make the same amount of money, nor do they earn it in the same way. And you can learn from all of them.

How Bloggers are Making Over $1 Million Every Month #BloggingTips #Roundup #Bloggers

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Champions League: Bloggers making over $100k per month!

National League: Bloggers making between $10k and $100k

Regional League: Bloggers making between $1k and $10k

StartUp League: Bloggers making below $1k


In order to optimize the time that the blog needs, and my goal of writing at least 3 blog posts per week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday), I will change my strategy a little bit. I will write a post (the last of the week, Friday), that will be a roundup of the best blog posts out there in 4 areas:

  1. Recipes: Easy and low-cost recipes so everyone can be inspired by good ideas and save money at the same time; [First week of the month]
  2. FIRE and Finance Blog Posts: The best of the best in the last month; [Second week of the month]
  3. Blog Income Reports: A compilation of all the blog income reports that I can find, so you can find out ways to monetize your website or blog; [Third week of the month]
  4. Blog Traffic Reports: Another compilation of all blog traffic reports so other bloggers and websites owners can learn strategies to increase blog traffic. [Fourth week of the month]

Two main goals:

  • Drive more traffic to the owners/producers/authors of the content;
  • Bring top quality blog posts and articles to a broader audience.

If you want to contribute to any roundup, write me an email to:

roundup @

Include in the subject the type of the roundup. If it is a recipe, blog post, income report or traffic report. Also in the case of a recipe if you wish and if you give permission to include one photo (with a link to your blog post).

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  1. I think it’s a really good idea to do a roundup. It’s also nice because you can publish a post that basically writes itself. Gives you a break from constantly coming up with new material. And it sounds like fun!

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