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Blog Report: January 2018 Update

All the Blog traffic and social media numbers

This was the second month of this blog, although it was the first one where I could write more, and worry less about technical aspects.

In January I wrote 13 posts, and I was really close on being really consistent with one of my main goals: Write 3 blog posts per week. So here’s the first goal for February: Effectively write 3 blog posts per week without missing a day. Strategy? Prepare those posts in advance. Like 1-2 months in advance.

I believe consistency and quantity can improve the quality of my posts and bring more readers.

How to Grow Your Blog Traffic #Blog #Bloggers #Blogging #GrowtoRetire

Top posts

Last month the best 3 blog posts (in terms of viewership) were:

  1. How to Make Extra Money (+500 Views | +125 Social Media Shares)
  2. How to Increase Your Traffic With StumbleUpon (+350 Views | +100 Social Media Shares)
  3. 2018 Investment Outlook for Stocks, Bonds, Oil, Gold and Real Estate (+350 Views | + 35 Social Media Shares)

Overall the best 3 blog posts ever are:

  1. 7 Things Successful People Do Everyday (+850 Views | +840 Social Media Shares)
  2. Excellent TOP of Awesome Useful Sites that will Actually Help (+550 Views | +300 Social Media Shares)
  3. How to Make a Blog in Minutes (+500 Views | +27 Social Media Shares)

Let’s check out the numbers

So in December I had 370 Visitors and a total 1559 PageViews. This month I increased both numbers:

How to Grow Your Blog Traffic #Blog #Bloggers #Blogging #GrowtoRetire

Some tips on how to build more traffic:

  • Posting consistently. Prepare a schedule that you can keep up, and then follow the plan.
  • Connect with other bloggers. Read their content, and write meaningful comments. Bloggers love to follow each others work.
  • Social media. Increase your follower base, and than share your best content. Be useful, and try to help as much people as you can.

Visitors (New/Returning)

How to Grow Your Blog Traffic #Blog #Bloggers #Blogging #GrowtoRetire


In terms of visitors and the countries where they come from, the US is leading by a looong margin, with 54%.

How to Grow Your Blog Traffic #Blog #Bloggers #Blogging #GrowtoRetire

Social Networks

One of the best leverages for a new blogger – with no money – is all the social networks that are now available for everyone. If you increase your followers, you can share and show your work to more people. Also you can increase the possibility of a post going “viral”.

A blogger with a lot of followers in multiple social networks, is a blogger with a tool for free advertising. Free leverage.

How to Grow Your Blog Traffic #Blog #Bloggers #Blogging #GrowtoRetire

If you want to know some strategies that I’ve used to increase my follower base, here you have some posts:

From all these social networks one that I’ve notice that has a tremendous effect on my traffic is definitely StumbleUpon. For an individual that is just starting a brand / blog / new website, is one of the most important tools to boost your views and shares.

Finally, if you want to keep it up with all the updates from the blog, please follow one or more social links. It’s free and easy.

Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Bloglovin | StumbleUpon | Google+ | Linkedin

(For all Bloglovin users, how to you do?)

If you have a blog or a website, you really should consider having social profiles/pages linked to your website. It expands your online presence, making it easier to bring more traffic.

Additionally don’t forget to include social sharing buttons, to make it easy for others to share your work. You can try Social Warfare. This is a WordPress plugin that adds beautifullightning-fast social share buttons to your website or blog.

Newsletter subscribers

One thing that I’ve been working lately is to make it really easy for people to subscribe to my newsletter. The objective is to increase the number of subscribers, and then to share the best content that I have with them. Also there are some things – private – that will only be shared through the newsletter.

But for now, the newsletter is still under construction.

Total Subscribers – 6

How to Grow Your Blog Traffic #Blog #Bloggers #Blogging #GrowtoRetire


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About GTRetire

GTRetire is the founder of GrowtoRetire, a blog about financial independence and early retirement. Click here to learn more about starting a blog! Also, this post may contain affiliate links, please read the disclaimer for more info.

3 thoughts on “Blog Report: January 2018 Update

  1. Wow…you are a gem!
    So many accomplishments!.
    I used most part of December to design my newly hosted site, so the stats weren’t so high and I was already tired and busy by January, so, few posts and stats as well but it’s all good now. I’m back to the blogging world.

    By the way, I like your posts. It gives insight to the blogging world! ?

    Roses of Life

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