16 Blog Post Ideas For You to Get Started #blog #ideas #tips

16 Blog Post Ideas For You to Get Started

If you write for a website or a blog, on regularly basis, one thing that may happen is that you’re out of ideas for new content.

One way to overcome that struggle, is to think: How can I help my readers

You can then create a post where you offer a solution for a problem. Simple as that.

Blog Post Ideas

Today I’ll write a list with blog posts ideas you can use for inspiration. Feel free to leave suggestions on the comment section.

  1. A TUTORIAL OR HOW-TO POST. People look on the internet solutions for problems that they have. How to fix something. How to start a blog. If you know “how-to” solve a problem, create a post explaining step-by-step. People will thank you and probably share the content for years to come.
  2. MAKE A LIST. The internet is full of content. One way to help your readers, is to point in the right direction. If you know the best solutions for an issue, make a list so people can use to skip all the research and find exactly what they want. Example: 12 Best FIRE and Finance Blogs to Follow.
  3. WRITE A TIMELY POST. If you have a big day coming, like Christmas, Valentine’s day, and so on, write about it. And schedule your post according to that date or immediately before. Your readers will love it. Seasonal content will never go away, so make the most of it.
  4. WRITE IN RESPONSE TO RECENT NEWS. If you are a finance blogger, and something big happens in the stock markets, or changes in the legislation, it’s really useful if you can write and help your readers navigate through those news. Look for Google Trends for recent trending news. Upcoming events are also a big source of blog posts.
  5. REVIEW. If you just read a book, why not make a review about it? (don’t forget to ask for permission if needed). Also you can evaluate a lot of things such as movies, video games, a piece of hardware like a car, home appliance, or computer; or an event for example, a live music concert, play, musical theater show, dance show, or art exhibition. Endless options.
  6. GUEST POSTS. Invite your readers or others fellow bloggers to submit guest posts, and you both will win. You will have a new post, and your writer will have new readers.
  7. LINK ROUND-UP. Always a popular choice for a useful post. Gather a few links from an interesting topic, such as recipes, house transformation, top articles of the month or week, and so on.
  8. CASE STUDY. Did you make some experiment and learn from it? Well share that with your readers. Even a failed experiment can be a valuable lesson.
  9. INTERVIEW. An interview is always a great option, particularly with someone from the topic of your blog. A great way to caught the attention of your audience.
  10. SHARE YOUR ADVENTURE. One of my monthly blog posts is an update of the blog’s traffic, social media numbers, successful posts and so on. One day I would also like to share how much money I’m making with the blog (income report). Hopefully.
  11. UPDATE. Search for an old post, and update the information. Whether you have new things to add, or you changed your opinion, the point is: use it. Update that post and publish.
  12. COMPILE USEFUL RESOURCES. Similar to making a list, you can build a number of resources that can be helpful to your readers. Examples: TOP of Useful Sites that will Actually Help! or The Best Free Alternatives to Paid Software
  13. MAKE PREDICTIONS. And prepare yourself to be wrong. But nothing stops you from creating an outlook in response to a big change or to a new year. Here’s my 2018 Investment Outlook.
  14. QUORA. This website has a ton of questions, and some of them are followed by thousands of people. You can have a great amount of inspiration for new blog posts there.
  15. SELF-IMPROVEMENT TIPS. Every human being has some experience or a story that can be valuable to others. For example how to improve your productivity. Use your own or other life examples to teach something to your audience. Here’s an example.
  16. TRAVEL POSTS. Once you have a blog, one of the key secrets is to learn and start documenting EVERYTHING. When you travel to somewhere, take some pictures and notes about the place. Monuments, museums, restaurants, and so on. Great blog post that you’ve just created!


I hope that all these ideas can bring you inspiration to start writing a blog post immediately. For those of you that have suggestions to improve and increase this list, feel free to leave them on the comment section.

16 Blog Post Ideas For You to Get Started #blog #ideas #tips

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