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Report: Blog Numbers Update – December 2017

How I Had 370 Visitors and 1559 PageViews -

How was December – Blog Numbers

Hello readers and followers of

The first month of the blog is over. The beginning was very low in traffic, because all the technical aspects were still being improved. Thus the main focus this month was to work on the details, and prepare the blog for the upcoming year 2018. From now on the focus should be the content, writing about things that I love, and hopefully inspire others through the things that I will create and share.

Nevertheless December was the month where the first 4 posts of the blog were displayed to start things moving. The website can still be perfected, but if we wait for the perfect time to launch something, we may wait forever. So here are the posts:

1- Excellent TOP of Awesome Useful Sites that will Actually Help

2- How to Make a Blog in Minutes (The winner: +200 Views)

3- How to Achieve Financial Freedom and Retire Early

4- 7 Things Successful People Do Everyday

Let’s go to the numbers

The second post (27-12-2017) was the major contributor for the spike on users and pageviews that I had on the blog. One of the leverages that I used for that spike, was StumbleUpon. This social network/discovery engine, is an excellent leverage, specially for new bloggers / new websites, because you don’t need a huge base of followers in order to increase your traffic.

Below you can check it out all the numbers and evolution of the blog. Any suggestions are very welcome. Leave them on the comment section. THANKS!

Users / PageViews


Visitors (New/Returning)






Social Networks

One of the best leverages for a new blogger – with no money – is all the social networks that are now available for everyone. If you increase your followers, you can share and show your work to more people. Also you can increase the possibility of a post going “viral”.

Building a brand from zero, is very hard. We all know that. So if you want to help here follow me on one or all social networks from this blog. Thank you!

Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Bloglovin | StumbleUpon

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About GTRetire

GTRetire is the founder of GrowtoRetire, a blog about financial independence and early retirement. Click here to learn more about starting a blog! Also, this post may contain affiliate links, please read the disclaimer for more info.

4 thoughts on “Report: Blog Numbers Update – December 2017

    1. Oh definitely. StumbleUpon has been a great tool on increasing my traffic.
      Lets face it… the brand “Grow to Retire” is new, and every bit of help is really precious. This first month of 2018, I had an increase on my traffic, and StumbleUpon was one of the “culprits” of that performance. Stay tuned for the report update from January 2018. 😉

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