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Excellent TOP of Awesome Useful Sites that will Actually Help!

So today I will show 51 websites (all of them free or with some features that are free). I hope some of them can help you in some area. Don’t be shy and share this post using the social buttons, so others can find them too. Enjoy.

Here’s the TOP 51:

  1. – Collection of fonts;
  2. – Translate text, website or a document;
  3. – Manage your activity and remember things that you have searched;
  4. – This is an URL shortener, i.e., it simplifies your links;
  5. – This reveals what’s behind a short link;
  6. – A fast and easy way of taking notes. Plus it’s really easy to share with others;
  7. – You can send notes that will self-destruct after being read;
  8. – Look for the domain that you want;
  9. – SEO Audit Tool. Evaluate your website in terms of SEO;
  10. – Analyze your site’s speed;
  11. – Use symbols that you can’t find on your keyboard;
  12. – Simple email remainder;
  13. – Reminder of important events by email;
  14. – Write tweets longer than 140 characters;
  15. – Meetings minutes so you can take notes efficiently;
  16. – Probably one of the easiest ways of making videos with your photos, videos, and music;
  17. – Online image editor;
  18. – Another image;
  19. – Create designs and documents;
  20. – A good quality painting tools for your browser;
  21. – Create diagrams such as flowcharts, sitemaps, etc;
  22. – Find out who is hosting any website;
  23. – Create a chat room, just like de IRC (mIRC) many years ago;
  24. – Free text, video and voice chat;
  25. – Send files up to 5 Gb;
  26. – Send files up to 2 GB (Free Account). You have Premium with a lot more space;
  27. – Another website to send files up to 2 GB;
  28. – To explain someone how to use a search engine. Example: ;
  29. – You provide a text, and this will generate a “word cloud”. Simple as that;
  30. – Helps you find sites similar to the ones that you like;
  31. – Compare your hour with other cities in the world;
  32. – An excellent online Presentation and Infographic tool.
  33. – A simple countdown timer;
  34. – A yellow highlighter pen for web pages;
  35. – Improve your writing. Check for errors;
  36. – Improve your writing. Check for errors;
  37. – Read eBooks;
  38. – Convert scanned PDF and images into editable text;
  39. – Design your home in 3D;
  40. – Find out the font from an image;
  41. – A way of sharing your email online and not worry about SPAM;
  42. – Online PDF Editor;
  43. – Gives you Random Numbers, Coin Flipper, Dice Roller, etc.;
  44. – Enter an URL, edit the page and print exactly what you want;
  45. – Search for things you want to know;
  46. – Scan suspicious files;
  47. – Learn a language;
  48. – Learn how stuff works;
  49. – More than 3000 documentaries;
  50. – For every correct answer, they donate 10 grains of rice;
  51. – Excellent headline analyzer. By the way, the headline of this post scored 82 Points!
Excellent TOP of Awesome Useful Sites that will Actually Help! (
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